Sit! Stay! Down! Come! Our friends over at Mohawk Hudson Humane Society took the time to share with us the importance and benefits of dog training.

1. It makes life safer for your dog and your family.

Ensuring that a pet listens to your commands can prevent him from experiencing dangerous conflict with other dogs or wild animals, running into a busy road or harming himself in hazardous situations.

2. It makes your home a safer place.

Training your dog helps ensure that your home and belongings are treated with respect. Instilling manners in your pet means that he will know the difference between what is acceptable and unacceptable and will behave with courtesy to family and visitors.

3. It increases the bond between you and your dog.

As you spend time together, creating boundaries, sharing experiences and learning to understand each other, a mutual respect will develop. This will deepen your relationship with your pet.

4. Socialization build confidence and reduce stress.

Dogs are social animals and by training your dog, socializing them in public and building his confidence around humans and its fellow dogs, your walks together will be an enjoyable experience for both of you.

For your pup, each interaction he has with other people, children or dogs is an opportunity for learning. Socialization teaches dogs that other creatures are not necessarily harmful, and that they can actually provide highly enriching experiences. Socialization helps teach your dog how to appropriately behave in a variety of settings and how to safely interact with other dogs.

5. Vet appointments will be better.

Veterinary care is important and vets need to be able to handle animals in order to examine and treat them. Pet owners who have not taken the time to desensitize their dog to being touched can risk overgrown nails, dental disease, untreated wounds or infections and the progression of disease, which likely could have been prevented if discovered early.

Yes, They Train Dogs!

Mohawk Hudson Humane Society offers dog training classes by certified trainers.

  • We don’t believe in negative methods, so only positive reinforcement is used.
  • Class sizes are small for individualized attention.
  • Classes include basic and intermediate obedience, puppy class, reactive dog class and confidence building.
  • January sessions are now forming!
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