Did you know that March is Social Work month? Social work is a profession that often gets overlooked, but now, more than ever, social workers are essential! While COVID-19 has slowed most things in our life down, social workers have continued to show up day after day to support individuals and address both personal and systemic barriers. Social workers are a critical piece in bringing healing to our nation, especially during these times of uncertainty, unrest and division. They are the ones who are working in the trenches with individuals to overcome these hot topics, such as coping with grief, anxiety, depression, isolation, substance use disorders, racial identity, and gender expression. Social workers meet the individual where they are at and empower them to live their life to their fullest potential, fighting with them through the barriers that might be preventing that. These professionals are also the ones working behind the scenes to provide us with the basic rights a lot of us take advantage, such as workplace safety, homelessness, and poverty.  They are also the ones who will continue to fight for the nation moving forward, focusing on topics such as racial equality, gun violence, health care, mental health care and immigration reforms.

Take some time out of your month and thank a social worker! Hopefully by now, you realize how much work social workers have put in to improve your quality of life.

Capital EAP acknowledges the hard work that social workers put in on a daily basis, especially being that we have some amazing social workers on our team. If you are a social worker and looking for an opportunity to complete your CEU hours, your EAP benefits give you the opportunity to do so at a discounted rate:

Please join us for a virtual CEU opportunity on April 19th titled Clinical Conceptualizations of Eating Disorders.

Click here for the flyer with full details and call to register.