June marks the beginning of World Infertility Awareness Month. The goal of World Infertility Awareness Month is to spread awareness about infertility struggles faced by people all over the world. It is essential to keep in mind that infertility can impact all genders. Infertility is extremely common, impacting 1 out of every 8 couples, and the World Health Organization labels it as a public health issue. One of the many aspects of spreading awareness is to increase scientific knowledge of this medical condition and to help find treatments that may cure underlying fertility issues.

There are many things one can do to honor World Infertility Awareness Month this year. First and foremost, if you and/or your partner are experiencing infertility, visiting a doctor with your partner can help to identify any underlying medical conditions and hopefully help to find a cure. It can also be beneficial to help a friend that is struggling with infertility to make an appointment with a doctor. Infertility may not seem as something to celebrate, however, the millions of people impacted by infertility deserve recognition. The stigma surrounding infertility often causes people not to speak out about their struggles. Breaking down these walls and continuing to educate people about the science behind infertility and the supports available is so very important.

Always be aware of the language you use when talking to a couple. Saying things such as “when are you going to have a baby?” or “I can’t wait for you to have kids” can be offensive, even if you did not mean it to be. It can be upsetting and triggering for a couple that has been trying to conceive to constantly be asked when they are going to have children. Remember to remain respectful and to allow the couple to have privacy.

By: Julia Cornman, EAP intern