2Some of us may be a little tired of feeling scared during 2020 and with Halloween fast-approaching, not know how to handle the holiday. Others may want to utilize it as a time for fun, make-believe and community building. Especially those with children! Kids have been majorly impacted by this virus and their feelings of loss are at a high. So how do we make this beloved holiday something that is still fun for them? And even fun for the adults.

To start, if you are not interested in this celebration this year, if fear hits a little too close to home, know that is valid and it is ok to not participate in Halloween this year. Respect your body and emotions if this feels more exhausting or emotionally draining than anything else.

If celebrating does interest you, your peer group or family, then there are lots of creative ideas to celebrate safely and “creep it real.”

Start with checking the Covid map! This was designed for Halloween. Click on your state and county, it will be color coded by risk level while also providing other statistics on the area. Scroll down and click on your area’s color and the site will provide fun and safe ways to celebrate Halloween. Just click this link: http://www.halloween2020.org

Here are some suggestions for a wickedly good time this season:

  • Designing costumes with matching masks… PPE masks
  • Candy scavenger hunt in the home
    • TIP: can be indoor and/or outdoor
  • Candy Graveyard
    • TIP: Decorate and create a graveyard with treats at each grave and hidden in unexpected places. Let the kids explore and find their treats. You can do this for just your household or make sure to space kids out before entering the graveyard to ensure social distancing.
  • Driveway Trick-or-Treat or Trunk-or-Treat
    • TIP: set up a table at the end of your driveway with premade candy cups for trick-or-treaters to grab
    • TIP: Trunk-or-Treat can be set up in a park or parking lot that will ensure more distance and people away from homes.
  • Some neighborhoods are looking at dangling treats from trees or installing a candy chute.
    • TIP: Candy Chute is a tube (Like an Amazon shipping tube) that can be set up on your porch so that you can send treats down to the candy bags below!
    • TIP: If you do plan to hand out candy, make sure you are giving the sweet treats out individually to avoid multiple hands in the bag and wear gloves.
  • If you decide to do a small get together for Halloween, keep it outside and require negative tests before gathering.
  • Check out the local haunted roads or drive through haunted houses
    • TIP: The Headless Horseman Hayride is now a drive through trail in Hudson.

If some of these still feel outside your comfort zone for your own health and safety, other suggestions include:

  • Decorate your house more than usual this year, create a festive safe space.
  • You can get involved with UNICEF with your family which has programs for Kids helping Kids in a festive theme.
  • There are multiple candy companies creating fun variety bags for Zoom costume parties and scary movie nights. Get some snacks and party safely!
  • Make sure to carve pumpkins this year, makes s’mores and other festive treats like caramel apples.
  • The Ferrero company has a 31 Days of Halloween event that also works with The Birthday Project. This allows you to celebrate and help the homeless in your area!
  • Wrigley will be launching an app that allows children to virtually trick-or-treat and collect points that allow them to redeem real candy.

No matter how you wish to celebrate this year, be safe! Happy Fall!

By: Adalyn Wilson MHC Intern