What better way to celebrate Earth Day than adopting a few of your own plant babies?

As the spring weather warms up the winter soil, beautiful flowers and fruits blossom all around us. What if nature’s healthful benefits could be a small oasis in your home? The benefits of gardening and caring for houseplants are unimaginable. Research shows that gardening fosters human connection, improves memory, reduces stress, aids in addiction recovery, boosts mood, helps fight disease, combats eco-anxiety, promotes sleep, and helps to maintain a healthy weight. Are you convinced yet? If so, follow the three S’s below for some ideas on how to start your very own at-home garden!


First, you will want to decide what you would like to grow and purchase some seeds. Do you like fruits, vegetables, and herbs? How about flowers, succulents, and foliage plants? Most seeds can be purchased at your local grocery or home improvement store.


You’ll need some soil and pots to put it in. If you don’t plan on potting your plants, then you will need to find a location in your yard to plant your seedlings. It might be a good idea to test your soil, most garden crops prefer soil with a pH of around 7. Think about how you will be able to access your plants in order to water and harvest them.


Your plants will be hungry for lots of sunlight and water. Make sure they are in a proper location to receive all the fuel they need to grow. It could be helpful to plan ahead or create a watering schedule in order to keep track of when you last watered your plants. Each plant is different and needs varying amounts of attention, do some research to give them the best possible treatment.

Caring for plants allows you to take on a new responsibility. Some might view this as just another daunting task they have to do, but plants can provide a sense of fulfillment that you might not realize you’re missing out on! Caring for plants can hold you accountable and provide a small but significant sense of purpose. Some might even see their plants as a companion, they can show us the importance of the little things and remind us to be aware of the present moment.  Mindfulness activities are extremely helpful when trying to decrease feelings of stress and anxiety. Take a moment to be fully present, observe how your plant looks, how it feels to the touch, what it smells like, and if edible – what it tastes like.  Appreciating the accomplishments you have made in your garden increases an opportunity to feel empowered and appreciative of yourself.

Plants tend to mirror our own growth and behaviors; your plants will give direct feedback if the level of care you are providing is not sufficient enough. If your plants are not happy, that might be a reason to analyze your own mentality. Life can get pretty crazy, check-in and ask yourself if you’re doing enough to take care of yourself.  Now that you’ve got an idea on how to start your very own garden, go get started! Be creative and have FUN! You have complete control over your plants, your actions matter.


By, Victoria Reid MHC Intern