EAP recognizes that the holiday season can be triggering for many people especially after the stress we have all been living under the past two years. This article is a space for you to feel lighter and act like a kid again! Doing activities that are hands-on such as arts and crafts, DIY projects, painting, and drawing can feed your inner child and serve as a great coping mechanism during difficult times. Who said arts and crafts are only for kids anyways?

Art is a way to express your feelings without having to put them into words. Art helps to improve self-esteem, reduce stress, and increase mental focus. Expressing oneself through art has also been shown to improve memory and reasoning. People who make drawings, textile crafts, music, paintings, and creative writing excerpts experience lower levels of mental distress. Engaging in these activities with a group helps to alleviate feelings of loneliness, anxiety, and depression. In fact, group activities boost confidence and make us feel more engaged and resilient.

If you’re tired of constantly feeling serious and want a break from adult responsibilities, these crafts are perfect for you! Below is a list of winter craft ideas to inspire you in your arts and crafts journey. Some materials you might need are constructions paper, cotton balls, paper plates, plastic cups, string, scissors, liquid glue, tape, popsicle sticks (tongue depressors), planter pots, mason jars, googly eyes, white tissue paper, hot glue, glitter, paint, baking soda, saline solution, and blue colorant. I have provided minimal instructions to get you started, if you’re having trouble following along, visit the links in the description for more detailed instructions.

  1. Paper Mittens
    • https://dltk-holidays.com/winter/m-mittens.htm
    • Grab some construction paper and cut out a set of mittens. Decorate them however you like! Use some cotton balls to add dimension and use some strong to connect them to one another.
  1. Polar Bear Plate
  1. Popsicle Stick Animals
  1. Paper Hat
  1. Gingerbread Pot Houses
  1. Paper Penguin
    • https://www.playideas.com/16-penguin-crafts-kids/
    • Using black construction paper cut out one large oval for the body and two small ovals for the wings. Using orange construction paper cut out feet tracing a little pair of hands (or your best guess of what penguin feet look like) and a small triangle for a beak. Glue on some googly eyes and use whatever color you like to make a scarf.
  1. Classic Paper Snowflake
    • https://dltk-holidays.com/winter/crafts-snowflakes.htm
    • Using white construction paper cut out 6 squares. Fold each piece into a triangle shape. Cut 3-4 slits along the folded edge toward the point of the triangle. Fold slits back and tape or staple together. Once each of the 6 squares is completed, staple them together in the middle.
  1. Snowman Mason Jar
    • https://www.bombshellbling.com/mason-jar-snowman/
    • Paint a mason jar with white paint. Either paint on eyes, a carrot nose, and a coal smile. Or use other materials for a 3D effect. Using fabric make a small at and scarf to keep your snowman warm!
  1. Winter Wonderland Slime
    • https://crayonsandcravings.com/frozen-slime/
    • First, combine 5 ounces of clear glue and a ½ cup of water. Next add blue food coloring, glitter, and other winter-themed mix-ins. Now add in ½ teaspoon of baking soda stir until thick. Next add in 1 tablespoon saline solution, continue to mix until the slime is not sticky. The more you knead it, the less sticky it will be.