A woman gets tangled in christmas lights

The holiday season can be a time of relaxation and joy but also one of extreme stress. With presents to buy, food to prepare and family to see, the holidays bring out the best and worst for us. What’s more surprising? Psychologists find that many people feel a natural let-down after the holidays. Without something exciting to look forward to, many of us become focused on bills, untouched gym memberships and the dreary weather.

For those who are feeling mildly affected by the post-holiday blues, there are plenty of things you can do to pick yourself back up. Buy tickets to see your favorite band or schedule a dinner party with friends. Having something to look forward to can do wonders for lifting your mood. Consider the benefits of volunteering, meditating or keeping a journal about what you’re feeling. These may seem like small things but they can give you something to look forward, lift your mood,  and help to keep you out of a winter funk.

If you are feeling a lack of interest or pleasure in daily activities, have noticed a significant weight loss or gain, have been experiencing insomnia or excessive sleeping, lack of energy, inability to concentrate, or feelings of worthlessness, there’s a chance you may be experiencing depressed mood. You can call us directly or take the first step by taking our free, anonymous online mental health screening.

Don’t let the post-holiday blues get in the way of a great start to the New Year!