When asked to describe the typical symptoms of depression, most people lean towards the emotional aspects, such as hopelessness, persistent sadness or irritability. Many times, however, depression can present itself in a series of physical symptoms.

Headaches, back pain, muscle aches, chest pains, digestive system issues, extreme fatigue and sleep disorders can be a few of the physical symptoms of depression, a treatable condition that affects nearly 10 million Americans each year. Since many of these symptoms are also symptoms of other illnesses, it is easy to misdiagnose depression.

National Depression Screening Day is Thursday, October 9th, and Capital EAP invites you to take advantage of free, anonymous online mental health self-assessments for alcohol problems, depression, and anxiety disorders.

Please visit our Screenings Page to complete a simple online questionnaire. You will receive immediate, customized feedback as well as the opportunity to schedule an appointment for further evaluation if necessary.