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Capital EAP – Nutrition Basics

Click here to register Elimination diets can make your mind go crazy! Try not to think of certain foods as "off limits". When you ban certain foods or food groups, it is natural to want those foods more, and then feel like a failure when [...]

Capital EAP – Motivation for Change Webinar

Click here to register When it comes to change, we have to harness motivation in order to take steps forward. This training will provide information on what motivation is, where it comes from, and steps we can take to embrace change.

Capital EAP – Conflict Resolution Webinar

Click here to register In this training participants will learn how to more effectively set a positive communication climate with others, reverse a negative communication climate, avoid conflict generating statement & actions, take responsibility for managing conflict, pinpoint the seven cause of conflict, utilize all [...]

Capital EAP – Anxiety Free Webinar

Click here to Register Anxiety affects more Americans every year than any other mental health disorder, but is also the disorder that can be treated most effectively. This class will outline approaches to anxiety management and reduction proven to work. Participants will learn about the [...]

Capital EAP – Introduction Into Mindfulness Webinar

Click here to register This workshop will equip participants with mindfulness tools such as progressive muscle relaxation, grounding exercises, mindful eating, deep breathing, meditation, guided imagery, gratitude and much more. There are many benefits to practicing Mindfulness such as improving reasoning and memory, maintaining balance [...]

Capital EAP – Effective Listening Webinar

Click here to register This training will heighten awareness of the way that people use their listening skills. It will introduce participants to various types of listening, the anatomy of effective listening, and increase awareness of their own unique style of listening.

Capital EAP – LGBTQIA + Awareness Webinar

Click here to register The LGBTQ+ training reviews the basics surrounding sexual and gender identity. It then explores avenues and tactics to make the workplace a safe environment including a discussion about language. The training will have an educational component covering statistics on the LGBTQ+ [...]

Capital EAP – Suicide Awareness and Prevention Webinar

Click Here to Register This class will cover the basic principles of suicide risk, including who is at risk and how to identify signs of suicidality. Participants will also develop communication strategies to engage someone who may be at risk and where to go for [...]

Capital EAP – Diet and Exercise Webinar

Click here to register Developing healthy habits often requires changing your mindset. Weight control can be accomplished with physical activity and a balanced diet. Health food choices help with the following: weight control, improve your mood, combats diseases, boosts energy, improves sleep, and improves longevity. [...]

Capital EAP – Reducing Stress through Self Care Webinar

Click here to register Participants will learn what self-care is, and how a failure to take care of oneself in one area can affect them in another area. A Self-Care Assessment Tool will be given to you to help you identify self-care strategies in the [...]

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