Capital EAP has a history spanning 35 years. In that time, we have supported thousands of individuals across hundreds of entities and businesses, and have in-depth experience managing the special needs of many companies, organizations, and entities.

Capital EAP has specific expertise meeting the unique requirements for many industries, including the following:

Retail and Service Providers

Capital EAP offers the flexibility and specialized services to support Retail and Service organizations. There is rarely time in the fast-paced retail world for managers and executives to provide the important care that individuals need to stay healthy and happy. Changing schedules, odd hours and wild seasonal swings place a lot of pressure on both employers and the people that work in these industries.

  • Improved safety
  • Error reduction
  • Pre-employment screening and hiring services

  • Education discounts
  • Retention and positive work environments
  • Improved attendance
  • Value-added, low-cost benefits packages

Business and Education EAP Services

With an eye to productivity, quality and profitability, Capital EAP helps businesses to build strong, business-minded teams that work together to obtain a common goal. Whether local to the Capital Region or multinational, with a network of over 1,200 EAP Counselors and Service providers, Capital EAP can provide the benefit of better health and wellness across your organization.

Capital EAP has been supporting both public and private school schools systems for over three decades. Our counselors and trainers have specific and extensive expertise working with educators, administrators, supervisors and staff to provide tools for better managing stress, improve communication and morale, improve employee retention, and help them to maintain their focus on the business of preparing students for future success.

Government, Counties, and Municipality

Human Resource professionals working within Federal, State and Local government face myriad obstacles to improving employee health and well-being from the diverse demographic of staff, employees, and appointees, to the socioeconomic and cultural variations, to the complex and often inconsistent communication channels available to reach and support employees across departments, regions and physical locations. We focus on:

  • Training Services for many mandated programs
  • Formal Supervisory Referrals
  • Quarterly reports on utilization

  • Supportive marketing

  • Multi-term contract options and automated census data collection
  • Individual support of public entities
  • Fit-For-Duty Assessments
  • Discounts on Continuing Education
  • Improved safety Initiatives

Healthcare and Medical EAP Services

Hospital and Health workers, doctors, nursing staff, aids, technicians and all other in the health and medical fields spend their lives in the service of others. Capital EAP has learned that those in the field of Healthcare face unique daily challenges that can dramatically affect their lives both on the job and at home. With a focus on work-life balance, our HealthCare EAP Services can build more resilient, happier and healthier workers.

The Medical Professionals Assistance Program (MPAP) provides free and confidential access to mental health counseling, supportive counseling, and traumatic event support for Licensed Health Heath Professionals and their families. The counselors supporting the MPAP are seasoned mental health and addictions professionals who understand the critically sensitive nature of providing support to physicians, dentists and other medical professionals.

Not-For-Profit EAP Services

Not-For-Profit Entities are ever seeking the means to provide vital public services even as budgets are tightened and funds become more scarce. Many NFP Entities are under the constant demands of both continuing to provide services while also relying on well-meaning staff and volunteers whose passion alone sustains.

Moreover, we too are a not for profit. We personally understand the special needs that come with giving to the community and we’re well prepared to provide it.

We provide a focus on:

  • Customized program packages
  • Value-added, low-cost benefits packages
  • “Care for the Caregiver” counseling
  • Interpersonal communication counseling
  • Flexible membership options for part-time staff and volunteers

First Responder EAP Services

First responders, including law enforcement, fire fighters, EMTs, military, public health workers and many local and state volunteers, face a range of health and mental health consequences as a result of the critical work they do in the community.

Capital EAP is an experienced provider of services specifically designed to provide support to First Responders and their families. Our counseling staff has the specialized training to support and focus on:

  • Identifying signs of stress and depression
  • Talking to others about counseling

  • Grief counseling
  • Post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD) management

  • Traumatic Incident Management (TIM) and Critical Incident Stress
  • Group Counseling
  • Coverage for part-time and volunteers
  • Substance abuse

  • Traumatic Incident Management (TIM) and Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM)
  • Promoting EAP services to families
  • Suicide prevention