Are you interested in EAP therapeutic counseling services but aren’t sure what to expect? EAP counseling is based on the Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) counseling theory developed by Steve de Shazer and Kim Berg in the late 1970s. SFBT entails using future focused, goal- oriented counseling techniques by developing clear, concise and realistic goals. Your EAP counselor will help to look at possible solutions to any life problems you may be facing while focusing on using your strengths to problem solve moving forward. Another common misconception is that you have to be having a work problem to use EAP counseling, and this is not the case. Capital EAP counselors are trained to address many issues you may be facing, whether it is work related or personal difficulties such as depression, anxiety, stress, relationship problems, impulse control, parenting, communication skills, grief and more.

FAQ’s about EAP Therapeutic Counseling:


Q: Will my employer know that I am going to counseling?

A: No. Your employer, boss, supervisor and co-workers will not know that you are attending counseling. All EAP services are confidential and the employer is not aware of who is using counseling services.


Q: What if I need long term counseling?

A: If long term counseling may be helpful or necessary, your EAP counselor will provide referrals and help you find a counselor who will meet your counseling needs.


Q: Can my family members use EAP counseling services?

A: Yes, counseling services are available to you, your spouse and children under the age of 26. Each family member receives their own EAP benefits to utilize when needed.


Q: Is there a co-pay/ do I have to pay for counseling?

A: No! EAP therapeutic counseling is a free service available to you through your employer.

Wondering how to schedule EAP therapeutic counseling? You can call Capital EAP at and an intake coordinator will schedule you with a Social Worker or Mental Health Counselor for an in-person or telephone based appointment.

By: Melissa Major, MHC-LP