As we know, Father’s Day is a day we celebrate the gift of the father. Some will celebrate in close proximity of their fathers, while others will celebrate from afar, some will grieve the loss of their fathers, whether they’ve transitioned or just out of physical touch with their offspring. Some may not celebrate at all. Irrespective of where you stand in regards to your Father’s Day festivities, the promotion of healthy living will always come in handy.

What better way to celebrate yourself or the fathers in your life than to promote mens’ health? One goal of good health is to increase longevity and comfortability as we serve our time on this green earth. Here, I will share 5 tips on how you can help promote a healthy lifestyle for the fathers/men/masculine figures in your life.

  1. Encourage them to get screened regularly

Research shows that prostate cancer is the second leading form of cancer in men in America. Annual physicals, blood work, and other forms of screening can help to identify and treat any concerning issues if caught sooner rather than later.

  1. Lowering the stigma associated with mental health counseling

As we all may know by now, the amount of discussion surrounding mental health is increasing. For some, there still seems to be some form of stigma or perceived weakness associated with talking to a therapist. Researching and discussing the benefits with your loved ones can literally save their lives.

  1. Helping them to understand the benefits of a balanced diet

There is growing research that asserts that there are certain foods that possess healing properties. Take some time out to research and discover foods that can help increase energy, promote a healthy heart, as well as help improve physical mobility.

  1. Encourage them to keep alcohol consumptions moderate

Alcohol was shown as the seventh leading cause of disability or death in 2016. According to research up to 2 drinks per day is recommended for men, and only 1 drink per day is recommended for women. The more you drink, the more the risks increase.

  1. Promote the benefits of staying connected with other fathers or masculine figures

It’s always a good thing to stay connected with others. Some research suggests that male/masculine bonding may help reduce stress or help to adapt to stressful situations.

By, Ashley Vazquez, MBA, MFT, EAP Counselor