About EAP Training Programs

Staff development provides employees with valuable knowledge they need to perform their duties proficiently. Just as the ripples of a pebble dropped into a pond radiate throughout its ecosystem, so do the benefits of employee training extend to everyone in your organization.

Capital EAP provides training across a wide range of subject matter and in multiple formats.

Class Duration

  • Unless otherwise noted, classes are two (2) hours in length
  • Some select classes may be shorted for lunch-and-learns

Delivery and Restrictions

  • All classes are assumed to be delivered live
  • Because instructors employ adult-learning style, interactive components, class size is limited to 35 per class to maximize participation and retention of content
  • Select classes may be delivered in a large-room, lecture format. Additional costs/hour credits are required
  • Only large-room, lecture format sessions may be delivered online via WebEx or other video broadcast
  • No classes may be recorded without prior authorization

Types of Classes

  • Mandated curriculum
  • Certifications
  • Professional Skills Development
  • Personal Effectiveness topics

Call Capital EAP at (518) 465-3813 Option 4 to discuss your training needs.

See our full list of prepared training courses.