HealthcareHealthcare and Medical EAP Services

Hospital and Health workers, doctors, nursing staff, aids, technicians and all other in the health and medical fields spend their lives in the service of others. Without strong and highly visible effort to drive awareness and educate, many never seek the support they need for themselves when they need it.

Capital EAP has learned that those in the field of Healthcare face unique daily challenges that can dramatically affect their lives both on the job and at home.  With a focus on work-life balance, our HealthCare EAP Services can build more resilient, happier and healthier workers

  • Workplace Stress Reduction Workshops
  • “Care for the Caregiver” Counseling
  • Training Services for many mandated programs like Diversity, Sexual Harassment and Effective Communications
  • Interpersonal communication counseling
  • Traumatic Incident Response
  • Formal Supervisory Referrals
  • Supportive marketing efforts to alleviate administrative burden or HR Administrators
  • Family and Child Counseling

Contact Capital EAP to learn more about how we’re helping other HealthCare and Medical entities to provide EAP Services to their employees.

Medical Professionals Assistance Program (MPAP)

The Medical Professionals Assistance Program (MPAP) provides free and confidential access to mental health counseling, supportive counseling, and traumatic event support for Licensed Health Heath Professionals and their families. The counselors supporting the MPAP are seasoned mental health and addictions professionals who understand the critically sensitive nature of providing support to physicians, dentists and other medical professionals.

Unique feature include:

  • Therapists with experience supporting medical professionals
  • Organization-specific, dedicated phone numbers
  • Complete anonymity:  Callers may discuss the nature of the issue, receive assistance, recommendations, options and referrals without having to provide any personal-identifying information
  • Access to NYS medical professionals’ services, support agencies and addiction recovery centers

Medical practices, hospitals and other heath care centers are encouraged to contact Capital EAP at (518) 465-3813 to learn more about the unique benefits of this program.