Government 2EAP Services for Government, Counties and Municipalities

Human Resource professionals working within Federal, State and Local government  face myriad obstacles to improving employee health and well-being from the diverse demographic of staff, employees, and appointees, to the socioeconomic and cultural variations, to the complex and often inconsistent communication channels available to reach and support employees across departments, regions and physical locations.

Capital EAP is deeply familiar with the unique attributed of supporting government, county and municipalities, and has many programs that are well-match to meet the needs of this unique business-model.

In addition to the entire service package available from Capital EAP, the Government  EAP programs focus on:

  • Individual support of public entities from Administrative and Business, to Social Services and Public Health, to Transportation, Law Enforcement and Corrections
  • Multi-term contract options and automated census data collection
  • Training Services for many mandated programs like Diversity, Sexual Harassment and Effective Communications
  • Flexibility to accommodate specific HR regulations and protocols
  • Formal Supervisory Referrals
  • Fit-For-Duty Assessments
  • Discounts on Continuing Education
  • Improved safety Initiatives
  • Supportive marketing efforts to alleviate administrative burden
  • Quarterly reports on utilization

Contact Capital EAP to learn more about how we’re helping other Government entities to provide enhanced EAP Services to their employees.