EAP Services for Schools, Colleges & Universities

teacherNever before have the staff and employees of our school systems faced the kinds of pressure that they do today. Economic and budgetary concerns, performance and evaluation considerations, issues around discipline, parent concerns and school safety, all make for a highly stressful environment that can greatly impact well-being, focus and job performance. Combined with the usual distractions of everyday life, teachers and staff are especially susceptible to stress-related fatigue and work-place interpersonal tension.

The result is a profession that sees higher rates of termination and lost time due to illness, and higher than usual claims for workers disability.  Without important mental health and supportive counseling, many excellent professionals struggle or simply change careers.

Capital EAP has been supporting both public and private school schools systems for over three decades. Our counselors and trainers have specific and extensive expertise working with educators, administrators, supervisors and staff to provide tools for better managing stress, improve communication and morale, improve employee retention, and help them to maintain their focus on the business of preparing students for future success.

In addition to the full spectrum of EAP services and program, our Education EAP Services focus on:  

  • Workplace Stress Reduction Workshops
  • Special Training on child communication, bullying and problem teens
  • Interpersonal communication counseling
  • Traumatic Incident Response
  • Formal Supervisory Referrals
  • Mediation