Isolated Portraits-Hispanic TeenReal Improvement. Not just checking the “benefits” box.

Capital EAP knows that if your employees aren’t using their EAP benefits, you don’t achieve the financial and quality rewards that come about through a happier and healthier work force.

At Capital EAP, we work with you and your management team to assure that your employees know about, understand and use their EAP benefits to the fullest.


Learn more about the Services available to Employers:

HR & Supervisory Services

  • Formal Supervisory
  • Work Readiness Assessments
  • Traumatic Incident
  • Management
  • Terminated Employee

 EAP Management & Promotion

  • Reports & Assessments
  • EAP Awareness Materials
  • EAP Newsletter

Education & Training

  • Duration
  • Delivery
  • Audience Types