Confidential. Free. No Crisis Necessary.

We all experience events in our lives that can cause stress, anger, sadness and other negative emotions. While we can often work through these issues on our own, sometimes our thoughts and behaviors can negatively impact our live, work and those around us.

The Capital Employee Assistance Program is a benefit paid for by your employer and available free to both you and your family members.  With a single call or email, Capital EAP can provide you support, counseling, advice and assistance managing the events that affect your health and happiness at both work and in the home.

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About Your Member Services

  • Confidentiality

    When you contact Capital EAP, your conversations are between you and your counselor. There is no need to request service from your employer, speak to your supervisor, or contact your HR or benefits department.

    The protection and confidential handling of your health information is governed by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Unless formally referred to us by your employer, information about your conversations and visits may only be disclosed with your consent.

  • Who is covered?
    • Employees of participating organizations (Primary Member)
    • The Primary Member’s spouse or legal domestic partner
    • Children of the Primary Member up to age 26
  • Cost and Co-pays

    Your Capital EAP Benefit is fully paid by your employer. There is no co-pay or cost to you for any of the services elected by your employer. Your HR person or department has the specific services elected or you can request a list of services and quantities from Capital EAP.

  • What are my benefits?

    Some benefits are unlimited. Others, such as in-person counseling, are limited depending on the type of program your employer has purchased for you. You can typically expect:

    • Between 3 and 9 scheduled counseling sessions, depending on your employer contract
    • At least one (1) in-person appointment with a Registered Dietitian (RD)
    • At least one (1) in-person appointment for a personal coaching session
    • Unlimited, 24/7 access to phone-based counselors
    • Unlimited access to live counselor chat
    • Phone-based legal consultation with a licensed Attorney
    • Phone-based financial consultation session with certified Financial Adviser
    • Phone based life-balance support for assistance with child services, elder care and other community services
    • Unlimited access to web-services including behavioral health questionnaires and wellness information
    • Unlimited access to online EAP orientations
    • Participation in Capital EAP sponsored workshops and support groups (based on agency schedules)
    • Crisis hotline (24/7)
    • Discounts on a selection of Partner-Provided Services

    Your benefits may vary. Contact the Capital EAP Business Office for more information on your specific program.

  • Why would I call Capital EAP?

    What’s on your mind and keeping you from performing your best while you’re at the office? What’s distracting you from enjoying your time at home?

    Just about anything that prevents you from enjoying your life to the fullest may be a reason to talk to us. If you’re not sure whether you should call, then call.

  • What to expect on your visit

    If you have spoken with a counselor in the past, through your insurance or Capital EAP, you may know what counseling is like, but if you have never spoken to a counselor before, you may want a better idea of what you can expect from EAP Counseling.


    The Top 10 Things you can expect from EAP Counseling:

    1. A counselor who will listen to you patiently and without judgment
    2. An opportunity to talk about yourself as much as you would like!
    3. An advocate who will become an expert in YOU
    4. A collaborative and respectful relationship with your counselor
    5. Honesty
    6. Confidentiality
    7. Positive options and expert advice
    8. Homework – that’s right, you will need to work to get results!
    9. Motivation to make positive changes in your life
    10. Hope

    The Top 5 Things you probably should not expect:

    1. Someone who will tell you what to do.
    2. Easy resolution of your problems.
    3. Perfect answers.
    4. An immediate end to your heartache, pain or stress.
    5. A parent, boss or other authority figure who will make everything better


    Tips for a Successful counseling experience:

    • Be patient with yourself.  The stress and life situations that brought you to Capital EAP will take time to work through.
    • Commit to counseling.  Decide up front with your counselor how many sessions you would like to use to address your issue.  And then give yourself all those sessions to figure it out.  Try not to give yourself the option of quitting once you start.
    • Only you will know if the counselor you have been assigned is the right one, so if you don’t feel comfortable with your counselor, just ask for a new one.  Capital EAP has many counselors and we can match you with one that will work for you.
    • If you feel unsafe or overwhelmed talking with your counselor, let him or her know so you can figure out together how to make counseling feel more comfortable for you.
    • Read, investigate and do your own research on whatever issue brought you to counseling.  Your counselor will recommend books and other resources for you and if you take advantage of them, you will learn even more.


    It can feel good to have a quiet, confidential space to talk to someone who will listen. Whatever your situation, a Capital EAP counselor can help.

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