Life Balance and Wellness

Capital EAP provides assistance and support for the events happening now, and for planning and pursuing positive changes in the future.

At Capital EAP, we see Life Balance & Wellness as a holistic continuum of thinking and acting in ways to address the challenges that we all face each day, while also talking positive steps toward changes that create a healthier future. Thinking well and making healthy choices to preserve the mind, body and spirit, can result in greater balance, happiness and success at work and at home. Capital EAP has the knowledge and services to help you find and maintain that balance.

Whether you’re facing a crisis and are in need of immediate help, or are looking to make long-term changes for a more positive future, Capital EAP’s Life-Balance and Wellness resources provide a full spectrum of support.

Click on any topic below to learn more. To access any Capital EAP Life-Balance and Wellness services, contact Capital EAP directly at (518) 465-3813.

Capital EAP Albany New York Life Work Balance and Wellness

Diet and Nutrition Counseling

Whether you are looking to completely change your diet, manage a medical condition, make more informed food choices or get inspiration for new, healthy recipes, there are many benefits to be gained by working with a professional Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist.

Services include:

  • Assist with chronic medical conditions

  • Complement to counseling for eating disorders

  • Weight loss or moderation

  • Individually customized health and fitness goals

  • Navigating food allergies, dietary sensitivities and intolerance

  • Medical nutrition therapy or clinical nutrition consultations

  • Understanding food labels

  • Prevent and treat illnesses or increase a person’s health by recommending certain foods or diets

  • Information on dietary supplements

  • Help with motivation to stay on your healthy eating plan

Dietary Therapy & Nutritional Counseling

All Capital EAP benefits packages include a minimum of one in-person dietary therapy and nutritional consultation with a Board Certified RD/N. Contact Capital EAP or your HR department for your program details.

Phone Consultations

Unlimited Phone-based consultations for diet and nutrition is available at no-cost to eligible members. Calls are up to 15 minutes to provide answers to questions and recommendations for next steps. To use this service, calls must be scheduled through Capital EAP.

Physical Health and Exercise

Your Capital EAP benefit includes free phone-based consultations with a Certified Personal Trainer to discuss changing and improving your exercise regime. Our personal trainer offers health and exercise tips, nutrition information, and can recommend changes you can make to improve your physical health.

Solutions for Life Problems: Success Coaching

Many of the challenges in life that cause stress and worry can be solved if we know where to go to find solutions. Capital EAP offers free, unlimited access to caring and knowledgeable Success Coaches who can help you to quickly resolve problems that are interfering with your work or your happiness at home.

Provided though our Partnership with the Employer Resource Network (ERN), Success Coaches are skilled at navigating the complex array of community resources available in times of need, and have a wealth of information about services that can help in a crisis. ERN Success Coaches can even advocate and support your effort to resolve issues.

Just a few of the things that an ERN Success Coach can help you with include:

  • Utilities and disconnections

  • Auto and transportation

  • Job and career considerations

  • Child care and daycare

  • Clothing

  • Food assistance services

  • Domestic violence and shelters

  • Food assistance services

  • Aging parents and elder care

  • Financial issues, budgeting and loans

  • Housing and home buying

  • Evictions, foreclosures and temporary housing

  • Local, state and federal assistance programs

  • Protective services

  • Healthcare issues and insurance questions

  • Personal property

  • Legal problems

  • Education and tuition assistance

  • Immigration matters

  • General emergencies

When you’re not sure how to solve these or any other problem, a Success Coach is a great place to start. Just call Capital EAP at (518) 465-3813 and say: “I’d like to speak to a Success Coach.”

Life Coaching

Life coaching may be defined as “partnering with individuals in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.” Life coaches help individuals produce fulfilling results in their personal and professional lives and help people improve their performances and enhance the quality of their lives. Capital EAP Life Coaches are trained to listen, to observe and to customize their approach to your individual needs.

Professional Life Coaching is provided to help individuals with things like:

  • Getting ‘out of a rut”

  • Life transitions

  • Attaining better work-life balance

  • Improving personal relationships

  • Gaining independence

  • Getting more organized

  • Identifying core values

  • Addressing spiritual questions

  • Uncovering and pursuing passions

  • Learning better communicating skills

  • Learning new problem solving skills

  • Building and maintaining greater self-care

  • Establishing personal boundaries at work and home

  • Making healthy life changes; diet and exercise

  • Pursuing educational goals

  • Getting involved in the community and volunteering

  • Identifying and maximizing your own strengths

  • Defining and fulfilling emotional needs

  • Building personal and professional connections

Life Coaches can help you to identify positive pathways that lead to greater confidence and success. Take your first step toward greater fulfillment by calling (518) 465-3813 and speaking to a Capital EAP Life Coach.

Senior Care Services

Our goal at Capital EAP is to help you by reducing the stress and anxiety that can accompany life-changing events, and assist in finding solutions more quickly. Sometimes, simply knowing you’re not along and there is somebody else on your side, can be enough.

Through our partner, CarePatrol, Capital EAP provides members with help finding quality and safe independent living, assisted living, in-home care, memory care communities and nursing homes. Senior Care Advisors are available to consult on options when the challenge of caring for aging parents begins to become unmanageable or unsustainable.

This free service to Capital EAP members includes:

  • Phone-based initial consultations with a Nationally Certified Senior Care Advisor where you can ask questions and get professional advice on the steps to improving your situation.

  • In-person, personal evaluations of your loved-ones care needs, financial abilities, and location preference

  • Knowledgeable guidance and information about facilities safety ratings, citations and violations, case history and staff turnover

  • Personal support and guidance through every step of the process

  • Accompaniment on tours and visitation of each community you may consider

  • Follow –up visits and periodic post assessments

In addition to the warm and caring support provided to you and your loved ones, CarePatrol maintains a network of referral professionals from Elder Law attorneys to hospices to help you and your family better manage the challenges that come with making these difficult decisions and life changes.


Though our Wellness Partner, Adirondack Health and Wellness, Capital EAP Members may receive discounts for receive specific testing and vaccinations.

  • CPR certification
    • Completion of this course leads to the trainee being certified for two years in accordance with American Heart Association’s guidelines. A fully validated certification card is issued to all successful attendees at the end of the course.
  • Flu Vaccinations 
    • To improve your chances of avoiding the flu you need to get a flu shot every year. Because Influenza A and B viruses, the two types that cause epidemic human disease, are constantly changing, scientists choose three strains of the flu virus to include in the vaccine each year.
  • Travel Vaccinations 
    • Vaccines are recommended to protect travelers from illnesses present in other parts of the world and to prevent the importation of infectious diseases across international borders. Which vaccinations you need depends on a number of factors including your destination, whether you will be spending time in rural areas, the season of the year you are traveling, your age, health status, and previous immunizations.
  • Biometric Testing
    • Includes BMI measurements, Glucose  Screening, Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Total Cholesterol Screening.

Smoking Cessation Counseling and Groups

Individual Counseling

Capital EAP clinicians are experienced in providing individualized smoking cessation plans to help you to quit. In addition to free, individual counseling, Capital EAP also provides members with access to discounted group smoking cessation

Supportive Group Counseling

As a Capital EAP Member, you may join the highly effective Seton Health 7-week “The Butt Stops Here” Smoking Cessation program at 20% Off the $45 regular fee. For only $35 Capital EAP Members receive:

  • 7 sessions (one per week for 7 weeks)

  • 4-6 weeks of nicotine patches or gum

  • “The Butt Stops Here” workbook

  • Relaxation CD including deep breathing, 10-minute Power Nap, Self-Hypnosis and Visualization techniques

  • Personal Quit Kit

  • Your $35 fee may be covered by your insurance carrier


  • St. Mary’s Hospital, 1300 Massachusetts Ave. Troy
    Mondays in Conference Room A
  • Albany Medical Center, 43 New Scotland Ave. Albany
    Mondays at the Physician’s Pavilion Entrance, Room A418
  • St. Peter’s Cancer Center, 317 South Manning Blvd. Albany
    Tuesdays in the Conference Room #210
  • Ellis Health Center, 600 McClellan St. Schenectady
    Wednesdays in the Conference Room
  • The Capital Counseling Behavioral Workshop beginning Summer, 2014

Legal Referrals and Services

As a Capital EAP member, you have access to both free and discounted legal services. Legal assistance is offered for most legal matter including:

  • General legal advice

  • Attorney Search

  • Estate planning, probate, wills

  • Adoption and guardianship

  • Bankruptcy

  • Government entitlements and benefits

  • Contracts, incorporation and business partnerships

  • Criminal matters

  • Name changes

  • Lease and rental agreements

  • Custody and support matters

  • Personal property

  • Divorce, separation annulment issues

  • Real estate

  • Domestic or family law

Legal Services Discounts

  • Consultations
    •  Up to thirty minutes with a local Plan Attorney. The purpose of the initial telephone-based consultation is to help a member understand some of the issues related to the legal matter that has arisen. The attorney will explain options and may provide general advice. The consultation is also the time in which costs of the legal matter are explained.
  • 15% Discount on Hourly Rates
    •  If you need to retain or use the attorney’s assistance beyond the consultation you can do so. If an hourly rate is quoted, you will receive a 25% discount off the attorney’s normal hourly rate.
  • Legal Document Review
    • As part of your benefits, a local Plan Attorney will review a document six pages in entirety or less at no cost. If you have a document totaling more than six pages, you will receive 15% off the attorney’s hourly rate, if an hourly rate is charged.
  • Simple Dispute Resolution
    •  When a dispute arises with a third party, if the Plan Attorney determines that a simple letter or a phone call to a member’s opposing party is likely to resolve the dispute, you receive this as part of your benefits at no charge for the attorney’s time.
  • Wills
    •  Capital EAP Members receive discounts associated with the creation of a will:
      • If your needs and circumstances fit NYS state’s definition and parameters of a Simple Will, then it is covered by the benefits.
      • If your needs and circumstances go beyond the parameters of a simple will, as it is defined by NYS, only by the need for simple minors trust and guardianship, then you pay the low co-pay of $180.00 to the provider – a significant discount from typical fees.
      • If your needs and circumstances go beyond the parameters of a simple will with minor’s trust, as it is defined by NYS, then you receive 15% off the attorney’s hourly rate, if an hourly rate is charged
Accessing Legal Services

Your employer must have elected to provide legal services as part of your membership to use this service, and they will have also selected the number of times the service can be used annually. You can contact your HR Department or call Capital EAP directly at (518) 465-3813 for your benefit levels.

To access services, call (518) 465-3813 and speak to a Capital EAP intake agent.  You will be provided with a case authorizing number, and either transferred directly to our legal referral services provider, or you can call when you’re ready.  It is important that you have the authorization number or services cannot be provided.

Once you’ve been transferred, more information will be gathered about your needs, and an appropriate Attorney will be assigned for your service requirements.

Financial Referrals and Services

As a Capital EAP member, you have access to both free and discounted services from a financial adviser. 30-60 minute confidential financial consultation for information, answers and recommendations are available at no cost to eligible employees and their family members. Some of the issues they can assist with include:

  • General financial advice

  • Financial planning

  • College savings

  • Budgeting

  • Retirement planning

  • Debt management and reconstruction

  • Home ownership and mortgages

Should you decide to retain the financial adviser to provide services, hourly rates or fees-for- service are discounted 20%

How to get Financial Services:

Your employer must have elected to provide financial services as part of your membership to use this service, and they will have also selected the number of times the service can be used annually. You can contact your HR Department or call Capital EAP directly at (518) 465-3813 for your benefit levels.

To Access Services, call (518) 465-3813 and speak to a Capital EAP intake agent.

You will be provided with case authorizing number, and either transferred direly to our legal referral services provider, or you can call when you’re ready. It is important that you have the authorization or services cannot be provided.

Once you’ve been transferred, more information will be gathered about your needs, and an appropriate Financial Consultant will be assigned for your service requirements.

Veterans Services

Spending years in the military can often make it difficult for some people to adjust to civilian life. For many veterans, past military service can affect all areas of life, including relationships, family, finances, and career goals. Capital EAP can provide counseling and support for veterans and their families to help with many of the unique issues face.

  • Transitioning to civilian life

  • Managing interpersonal relationships at work and in the home

  • Addressing financial concerns

  • Counseling for mental and emotional health problems

  • PTSD and specialized treatment modalities

Capital EAP can also provide additional referral services to local veteran’s support service agencies.