Breast cancer is the biggest killer of women in America, but we can take action toward kicking some cancer butt! 💪 According to the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) 90 percent of these women are able to prolong their lives another five years or more. Also, physicians and healthcare practitioners are finding it easier now more than ever to identify breast cancer.

Some facts about breast cancer in our local counties, which were determined from 2011-2015: Albany County had 149 cases per 100,000 females, which is the greatest of the four counties. Schenectady County had 141 cases per 100,000 females. Saratoga County had 134 cases per 100,000 females. Rensselaer County had 132 cases per 100,000 female, which is the lowest out of the four counties. White women had the most cases at 152.6 and this is 2.42% more than the average number of cases in Albany County. This percentage might seem insignificant, but the other ethnicities were lower than the average. Black women came in 2nd place at 131.7 cases, which is less than the total by 17.3%. Hispanic women came in last place at 85.3 cases and this is lower than the overall value by 63.7%!

Some helpful nutrition and exercise tips

🏃‍ Be active at least 5 days per week for 30   minutes or more for weight maintenance

🍷 Limit alcohol intake to no more than one glass

🍴 Eat the color wheel

♥A healthy diet is a balanced diet with variety, which includes vegetables (dark, leafy greens), fruits, 100% whole wheat and grains, and legumes such as lentils, chickpeas, and dried beans (plant proteins) and peas 🍌🍓

According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND), “a higher number of post-menopausal women who are overweight develop breast cancer”. Therefore, by taking the advice above and limiting your meat portions your risk goes down significantly. A serving of protein should be the size of your fist, so a quarter of your plate. By the way, plant protein provides essential nutrients, fiber, and plenty of protein, just like meat! The rest of your plate should be filled with veggies, fruits, and 100% whole wheat and grains. Following these tips will prolong our lives and reduce the likelihood of developing not only cancer, but ALL diseases.


By: Allison Hardy, MS, NTR, Dietetic Intern



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