May is mental health awareness month! This May, join us as we challenge ourselves in the #4Mind4Body Challenge to focus both on our physical and mental wellbeing. The #4Mind4Body Challenge was created by Mental Health America to help individuals focus on their overall health. Each day of the week, during the month of May, will have a special theme to guide you in your challenge. It starts with #MindfulMonday and is followed by #TastyTuesday, #WorkplaceWednesday, #ThoughtfulThursday, #FitnessFriday, #StressFreeSaturday and #SleepWellSunday.  If you’re looking for a full list of daily events, please go to 1, where you will find a detailed description of each day.

Day 1: Begins with #TastyTuesday which challenges you to focus on the types of foods you are consuming. Eating healthy not only impacts your physical health, but also improves mood, reduces depression and reduces inflammation. Check out the Mental Health Grocery List at

Day 2: Get up and move at work! Today is #WorkplaceWednesday and we want you to take a break from the computer and the stress. Today, we encourage you to take a walk during your break, whether it is alone or with a coworker.

Day 3: For this first #ThoughtfulThursday’s we are challenging you to do at least on random act of kindness. Get out there and put a smile on someone else’s face!

Day 4: May the Fourth be with you! For this #FitnessFriday we encourage you to try out yoga. Yoga can help with both physical and mental wellbeing and is great for your muscles. Sitting in work chairs all day can really impact the way your muscles function. By utilizing yoga, you can stretch and strengthen those muscles, while also relieving symptoms of many mental health disorders. Check out #4Mind4Body Challenge Day 4 Yoga for Beginners videos at 1.

Day 5: Happy Cinco de Mayo! Let’s celebrate our first #StressFreeSaturday by listening to our favorite music.  Listening to music can be a great way to decrease stress and focus on your health and wellbeing.

Day 6: We made it to #SleepWellSunday! Getting enough sleep on a daily basis is extremely important for our physical and mental health. Lack of sleep can be linked to high blood pressure, diabetes and symptoms of mental health disorders. For #SleepWellSunday we challenge you to track your sleep and see if you are hitting the correct amount for your age range.

Day 7: To round out our first week in the #4Mind4Body challenge we have #MindfulMonday!  During #MindfulMonday we encourage you to utilize a short mindfulness or meditation exercise.

For a full list of daily topics, go to https: // where you can find tools and tips on ways to challenge yourself during the month of May.


By Kelsey Russell