The total number of family members – spouses and children – covered by Capital EAP is roughly equal to the total number of employees that have the benefit. Yet on average, only one family member uses their Capital EAP benefit for every 12 employees that access their services. Why is that?

Sure, for working spouses, some are covered by their own EAP program provided by their own employer. But statistically speaking, that only accounts for a small percentage. For the rest, it would be nice to think that, perhaps, they just struggle less with anxiety and stress than you do. For the folks at home or for other working spouses, maybe relationships are never a problem. Or maybe they less frequently experience mood problems, rarely have trouble with alcohol or other substances, and never experience problems at their own place of employment.

That would be nice. But the actual reason for the difference in the ratio of use from the primary member (you!) to family member is a lack of awareness about the program, the services that are offered, and knowledge of the ways to get help.
All Capital EAP Members, your family included, have access to free mental and behavioral health counseling, free online and telephone support, as well as free access to legal service, financial services, health and wellness information and phone-based nutritional support. Like you, your family can attend our open workshops for free, call for assistance with children or aging parents, or just speak to a counselor in times of need.

The only difference is in the ways that they hear about Capital EAP and stay up-to-date on what’s happening. Your employer sends you announcements (like this newsletter) each month, and may even have us in for education and training. There is probably information about Capital EAP at your HR department and Capital EAP posters up in your building.

But those at home have only one way to learn about these services. You! If you haven’t yet told your spouse or older children about Capital EAP – even those at college locally or away -do it now!

You can:

  • Forward this email
  • Have them sign up on our website to receive The Mentor themselves
  • Tell them to read about their benefits online
  • Send them to our website and have them set up an account. They can contact us directly for instructions and access codes.
  • Tell them to watch our orientation video online
  • Ask for information and literature about Capital EAP from us or your HR department, and deliver that to your family.


And finally, remember we’re there for both you and them, and remind them in times of need that they are Capital EAP Members too!