April 22nd marks the 51 anniversary of Earth Day, first celebrated back in 1970 to raise awareness about environmental issues. This day is celebrated around the globe by people honoring the Earth and supporting environmental initiatives throughout the day. This is the second Earth Day we’ve been unable to participate in large initiatives because of the current pandemic, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate Earth day at home!

Take a Virtual Field Trip:

While we might not be able to travel around our beautiful, Google Arts & Culture has made it fun to discover places far away and learn more about these extraordinary places. You can take a trip to learn more about the hidden worlds of our National Parks (https://artsandculture.withgoogle.com/en-us/national-parks-service/parks).

Take a trip to Hawaii to learn more about their volcanoes (https://artsandculture.withgoogle.com/en-us/national-parks-service/hawaii-volcanoes/nahuku-lava-tube-tour), or maybe look at the stars while you ride through the beauty of Utah’s Bryce Canyons (https://artsandculture.withgoogle.com/en-us/national-parks-service/bryce-canyon/sunset-point-tour) or perhaps dive deep to Florida’s Dry Tortugas and discover the beautify of the third-largest coral reef in the world while discovering a shipwreck (https://artsandculture.withgoogle.com/en-us/national-parks-service/dry-tortugas/near-little-africa-tour). Take the time to learn about the beauties of the Earth we live on this Earth Day.

Earth Day Story time, Hike, and a Craft:

Phillipin Kill Preserve and the Bethlehem Public Library are holding a masked and socially distanced event on Earth Day from 10-11am for kids. They’ll read a couple of Earth Day stories, make a nature-inspired craft and then end their time with a short hike through the woods. To register for this free to attend event click here (https://mohawkhudson.org/earth-day-storytime/).

Earth Day Volunteer Workday:

On Saturday, April 24th from 9am-12pm join the Mohawk Hudson Land Conservation volunteers and staff to celebrate Earth Day in a meaningful way! You can sign up to volunteer to help clean up the newly acquired Bender Melon Farm, which needs a lot of work before they are able to open it up for public access. Once registered to volunteer, MHLC staff will break you up into socially distanced and masked up groups. Registration is limited to 25 people, so click here (https://mohawkhudson.org/earthday21/) to register today.

If you’re looking for a simpler way to celebrate the planet we live on, there are plenty of small things you can do.

  • Go for a walk and leave the headphones behind. Listen to the sounds of nature and try to be as mindful and present as possible.
  • Set up a recycling bin in your house and make a list to keep above it of common trash that could/should actually be recycled.
  • Grab some seeds from the market and plant your own little herb window-box garden! It’s fun to watch them grow, then really yummy to eat them once they’re grown.
  • Craft using things around the house such as water bottles, cans, boxes, and other “trash”. All it takes is some scavenging and creation to make your own pieces of art like a tin can candle holder by painting a tin can and poking some holes in the sides.