Overcoming Childhood Obesity

Adolescant obesity is when a 2-19 year old person has a body mass index (BMI) at or above the 95th percentile per the CDC sex-specific BMI-for-age growth charts. BMI is one value used to define weight status by comparing your height to weight ratio to others. However, BMI is best used with other measuremeants since it does not take into account things like muscle mass, bone density and hydration status, which could result in a falsely high BMI. Research ...

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Mental Health for Children during COVID-19

1COVID-19-related school closures have affected over 1.5 billion children around the world. Concern has been raised about adverse mental health consequences of social isolation, lack of access to usual therapies and activities, and family stress related to finances and illness. Many parents — seeing their children experiencing anxiety, sadness and behavior challenges — are wondering how all of this will affect kids in the ...

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In Honor of Autism Awareness Day: For all the visual chart makers, For all the fidget providers, For those filled with love and patience, For those who learned the language, An appreciation post for all the caregivers.

2Autism Awareness Day is April 2nd. It’s a time when people wear blue and rock their multi-colored puzzle pieces in order to bring attention to those with Autism Spectrum Disorder, what it means and the many shapes it can take. The goal of the day is to help improve the quality of life for people with ASD by educating others and ...

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ADHD Awareness Month

adhd-awareness-month-1200x675October is ADHD Awareness month.  Merriam-Webster defines awareness as knowledge and understanding that something is happening or exists.  Most of us can acknowledge that something is happening or exists because we can see it, feel it, smell it, hear it or taste it with at least one of our five senses.  But Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, also referred to as ...

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National Childhood Obesity Month

photo-1563263427-708318a97183Childhood obesity is considered to be a major public health problem because of the recent increase of obesity in children. There are steps that families, providers and communities can take to support healthy growth in children and work to decrease the rate of childhood obesity. Parents are encouraged to be aware of their children’s growth as well as provide healthy meals and be ...

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Adding Mental Health to your College Student’s Checklist

photo-1484480974693-6ca0a78fb36bIt’s the summer between high school graduation and freshman year in college and your young adult has passed the test.  They have done everything required to earn their high school diploma.  They are headed to college and the mad dash begins to get X-Long Twin sheet, towels, toiletries, books, supplies, a backpack and clothes, but what about the non-tangible items?  Mental health is ...

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Suicide in Teens

photo-1492045227812-30e5649087d2Suicide tends to be a taboo subject, and can be scary to talk about. Suicide in teens can be an even more difficult topic to broach. It is, however, important if you have teens of your own or work with adolescents to be aware of the signs of suicidality in teenagers and know what you can do if you notice these signs.

As we ...

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Transitioning into Summer

When summertime comes around, we seem to check our responsibilities and healthy habits at the door. Transitioning into summer is not something everyone thinks about, it is usually the juja-han-271340-unsplashtransition from summer to fall that is always on our mind. However, how we plan to move in to summer can be very important to our mental health for both adults and children. Some healthy ways to transition into summer include setting goals, ...

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10 Quick Joy Fixes For Weary Working Moms

london-scout-27290-unsplashAs a working mom myself, I know how difficult it can be to maintain a good work-life balance. In fact, most days it seems almost impossible! Between waking up early, getting the kids ready, trying to make yourself look presentable, rushing the kids off to daycare or school, working a full day, rushing back to pick up the kids, carting them off to different sporting/after school events, darting back home to ...

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Helicopter Parenting


Ask most parents what they want for their children, and they’re likely to answer that they want them to be happy, have a good life, be successful in their careers, and have happy families of their own one day. They might add that they’d like to see them succeed in their interests whether that is a sport, the arts, or another skill.

These are all good goals and reflect the care we ...

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