International Overdose Awareness Day – August 31st, 2019

photo-1539541417736-3d44c90da315August 31st is International Overdose Awareness Day and it is a global event that began in 2001. It aims to raise awareness of the impact overdosing has on our country and families across the world, as well as reducing the stigma of drug-related deaths. International Overdose Awareness Day hopes to spread the message that overdosing is preventable. Substance abuse does not discriminate and ...

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Capital EAP and St Peters Partner to Stop Smoking

New Classes

If you or a member of your family smokes and wants to quit, the St. Peter’s Health Partners 7-week “The Butt Stops Here” Smoking Cessation program is included in your EAP Wellness Benefit!

EAP Members may participate for FREE

  • 7, one-hour sessions (one per week for 7 weeks)
  • 2 weeks of nicotine patches or gum
  • “The Butt Stops Here” workbook
  • Relaxation CD including deep breathing, 10-minute Power Nap, Self-Hypnosis and Visualization techniques
  • Personal “Quit Kit

More about the program

As the leading cause of preventable death, smoking ...

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Men and Mental Health: Questioning the Data

Mental health in MenANumerous studies over the decades show a clear indication that women tend to exhibit higher rates of some mental health issues than men. An analysis of data from the World Health Organization by Daniel Freeman, a Professor of Clinical Psychology and MRC Senior Clinical Fellow at Oxford University, showed that women have significantly higher rates of all the most ...

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Eating Disorders Signs and Symptoms

By Sonya Ervin & Phil Rainer, LCSW

young-people-eating-disordersAlthough eating disorders are most common among female adolescents and young adults, they can affect any age, or gender.  According to the National Eating Disorder Association, 20 million women and 10 million men will suffer from an eating disorder in their lifetime.  There are several different types of eating disorders including, Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, and Binge Eating disorder, etc. Although each is unique and ...

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Quit! And Let The Healing Begin

breakfreeEveryone knows that quitting smoking is better for your health. Benefits such as more energy, greater stamina, cleaner and whiter teeth, and of course, the cost savings are all pretty obvious. Maybe your friends and coworkers haven’t mentioned that cigarette smoke and odor sticks to your body and clothing like the plague, and it isn’t pleasant. But there are lessor known benefits too ...

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Holiday Drinking: Keep It Safe

drinking hi-resBy Drew W. Edwards, Ed.D., MS

Every holiday season, people have to deal with the increased pressures and stress that the holidays place upon most of us. Whether we’re traveling to be with family or doing our last-minute gift buying, most people feel under pressure during the holidays.

As you might suspect, the holiday season then becomes one of the most dangerous times of ...

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Quit Smoking Now

tips-to-quit-smokingCapital Counseling is proud to be partnering with The Center for Smoking Cessation at Seton Health to bring their tremendously effective The Butt Stops Here smoking cessation program to Capital EAP members.

In the US, nearly 1 in 5 adults over the age of 18 smoke.  Each year, approximately 443,000 of these individuals will die from conditions attributed to smoking.  Those deaths are happening, ...

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When Gambling Becomes a Problem

gamblingAs state governments debate the benefit of additional casino gambling and summer weather brings the festive Saratoga race course season, the significance of problem gambling lingers on the sidelines.

In earlier times, gambling was seen as a moral problem, along with drinking of alcohol and other “vices”.  Gambling, and even the possession of cards and dice, was outlawed in the Puritan-led Massachusetts Bay Colony, ...

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